Take the stress out of reverse parking

Take the stress out of reverse parking

Problems with parking can plague us all, particularly if it is reverse parking.  We all learnt to do it in our driving lessons but it is often one of those skills we lose.  Most drivers would agree that reverse parallel parking is the most difficult manoeuvre and getting it wrong can be stressful and sometimes cause damage to your own or someone else’s car.

There are a number of products on the market now to help.

Parking sensors have been around for a while and in some cars some as part of the package.  However if your car does not have them they are relatively easy to fit.  The sensors gauge the proximity of objects and give an audible warning which intensifies as the object gets closer, helping you avoid scrapes, bumps and collisions.

The newest products on the market are parking cameras with LCD displays.  The cameras are fitted to the rear of the car and transmit a wireless picture to an LCD screen which can be fixed to your dashboard.  The display shows red, amber and green zones to help you assess the safety of reversing and can help eliminate blind spots.  These cameras can be fitted to all makes and models of car, vans, motorhomes and caravans.

Glews Garage stocks a number of these sensors and cameras and can fit them from as little as £219.  Call Dominic or Ray in the Parts Department on 01405 764525 or visit our Parts Special Offers page

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