Bumps are a thing of the past with Glews’ Parking Sensors

Bumps are a thing of the past with Glews’ Parking Sensors

When Glews’ customer Sue Kenning won the raffle at their annual Ladies night in November last year, she had no idea that months later she would be a more confident driver.

Sue was the lucky winner of a set of parking sensors to be installed by the Glews’ Aftersales team.

“I had no idea what to expect” Sue said “so I took my car to Glews just before Christmas and they explained everything to me before I had the sensors fitted.  I was surprised at how neatly they fitted into my bumper, in fact you have to really look to notice them at all.” 

Sue owns a Peugeot but the Xvision parking sensors can be fitted to easily to any make and model.  The Sensors take about an hour to fit and are operational as soon as you put your car in reverse.  The beeps start to sound when you are approximately 1.4meters from an object.  As you move backwards the sound frequency increases to let you know you are getting closer, once you are within 30cms of the object the sound becomes a constant tone.

Sue said she finds them particularly useful when parking in supermarkets and shopping centres. “They pick up the low bollards that are often between parking spaces.  Before I had the sensors I would often park too close to them and be unable to open my boot.”

“They are also very good at picking up low lying objects, a couple of years ago I damaged my car when reversing near a truck.  I could not see that it had a tow bar on it and bumped into it, with the parking sensors I would have avoided this.”

Glews’ Parts Manager Dominic Joyes thinks that the parking sensors are invaluable addition to any car.  “Being able to reverse safely has nothing to do with being a good driver or a bad driver. Visibility can be impaired by frost, condensation and night driving.  Modern design on new vehicles can also make it difficult to gauge just how close you are to an object. The parking sensors make it possible to park and manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces with ease.”

Sue agrees “I have more confidence when parallel parking because I can go that bit further back without worrying.  I would highly recommend having them fitted to your car and I think they will add value to my car when I come to exchange it for another.”

“The team at Glews were fantastic as always they explained how they would work and fitted them with no hassle, I am very pleased with them.”

Glews can supply and fit Xvision Parking Sensors or Parking Cameras for £219.99 saving you £129 off the RRP.  Contact Dominic Joyes on 01405 764525 or visit glews.co.uk to find out more.

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