New EU Tyre Labels – what motorists need to know

New EU Tyre Labels – what motorists need to know

Last November a new piece of legislation came into force which required tyres sold in Europe to come with a set of EU Tyre Labels. Although this has now been in force for a number of months, many motorists may still not be aware of the labelling system or what it means to them.

In the simplest terms, tyres are now graded according to their performance.  The grading system is from A to G with A being the best.  The tyres are graded based on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling nose.

The labelling system may look familiar as it is based on the system used for rating homes, fridges and other electrical goods.

This system will help motorists compare tyres more easily.  They will be able to see which tyres consume less fuel and balance this with the safety and external noise factors allowing them to make an informed choice.

If you want to find out more, Glews Garage have produced a guide to EU Tyre Labelling

Alternatively speak to our parts team n 01405 764525 or email


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